Get to know all of the characters in the Freddie and Friends series! The character’s names are Freddie Pawn, George Pawn, Billy Bully Bishop, Bobby Bully Bishop, Nifty Knight, Rocky Rook, Stony Rook, Debbie, and Coach Clowny Conrado. If I am missing a character, please contact me via the contact button on the very bottom right of the page.

Freddie Pawn:

Description: A square headed pawn that has one sibling, Anthonie. Freddie is a small pawn that constantly gets bullied. George, Freddie’s best friend protects him. Freddie likes chess, field day, the last day of school, recess, root beer, plays video games, and soccer. His favorite food is macaroni and cheese

Role: Main character

Type of piece: Pawn

Special ability/Power: Can change type of piece it is to anything but a king (is a shape shifter)

George Pawn

Description: Freddie’s best friend. George has an older brother, Cameron. George likes seafood, golf, to swim, and Legos. His favorite foods are ice cream and ham. Also, George inherited a Lincoln log set.

Role: Second main character/Freddie’s best friend

Type of piece: Pawn

Special ability/Power: N/A

Billy Bully Bishop:

Description: A huge bishop who bullies people.   Billy bullies people because he is big and thinks he is better than everybody else.

Role: Main bully

Type of piece: Bishop

Special ability/Power: Strong

Bobby Bully Bishop:

Description: Billy’s twin. Bobby began bullying because his brother constantly bullied him. Bobby never leaves his red, green, and white hat without him.

Role: Main bully’s (Billy’s) sidekick bully.

Type of piece: Bishop

Special ability/Power: N/A

Nifty Knight:

Description: Nifty can jump extremely high. Nifty is a vegetarian and loves broccoli. He is on the track & field team and is the best at high jump (after all, he can jump high).

Role: One of Freddie’s friends

Type of piece: Knight

Special ability/Power: Can jump really high

Rocky Rook:

Description: Rocky is the fastest runner in school. Rocky’s favorite food is watermelon. Rocky is on the track and field team. He likes the last day of school, Halloween, and swimming. Rocky’s favorite Halloween costume is a pumpkin.

Role: One of Freddie’s friends

Type of piece: Rook

Special ability/Power: Very fast

Stony Rook:

Description: Not much is known about Stony, but he is believed to be Rocky’s twin brother. He is thought to be overweight. As far as we know, Stony likes skipping rocks and nature. People believe his favorite food is milkshakes.

Role: Unknown

Type of piece: Believed Rook

Special ability/Power: Unknown

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Description: Played chess against Freddie in book one. Debbie also is the recorder for all the words Freddie and his friends learn. Her favorite color is pink, and her favorite food is spaghetti and meatballs. She likes swimming and tenis.

Role: Recorder/One of Freddie’s friends

Type of piece: Female pawn

Special ability/Power: N/A

Coach “Clowny” Conrado

Description: Conrado is the coach of the school chess club and a coach at the local chess school. The students love him because he is funny, that is also why he has the nick name, “Clowny.”

Role: Coach of the school chess club

Type of piece: King

Special ability/Power: N/A


Description: Harry is Eddie’s twin brother. Harry likes swimming, vanilla ice cream, particularly in a bowl,

Role: One of Freddie’s friends

Type of piece: Pawn

Special ability/Power: N/A


Description: Eddie’s twin brother is Harry. Eddie likes acting, chocolate ice cream, but only in a cone.

Role: One of Freddie’s friends

Type of piece: Pawn

Special ability/Power: N/A


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