Noisy, noisy, noisy

This Saturday, I went to my National Elementary Chess Championship team preparations. I was really trying to focus, but there were some kids that were goofing off and not paying attention.

The other kids in the room were jumping up and down, getting out of their seats every five minutes. I felt like they had wasted 20-25 minutes of my time by the end of the game.

I could not focus at all and ended up playing a move that I had not fully calculated, because I was running down on time.

When the game ended, I had lost to my opponent. I was very frustrated that I had lost, because I was winning before the people started to goof off.

One other thing that made me mad was that there was a coach in the room, but he was doing nothing to prevent them from being loud. He might as well have never threatened to forfeit their games, because they never stopped getting up and down and making noise.

One lesson that we can learn from this is that even when people are trying to annoy you or get your attention, you have to ignore them. I tried doing this, but of course there were to many people making too many noises for that to work.

Another interesting thing is that if there is a constant noise, it will not be as annoying as a noise starting and stopping, starting and stopping, and starting and stopping, and never ending.

If I was to listen to hard rock music while playing my game, as long as it kept going, I could tune it out pretty easily. But, if I was listening to hard rock while somebody was sitting there turning my music on and off incessantly, than that would be very hard to tune out, if not nearly impossible.

All in all, the people that were never ceasing to annoy me, were being very disrespectful and in my opinion, should not be allowed back.